Drainage Projects

Welcome to Integrity Drainage Solutions, LLC.  As an Exterior Drainage Specialist with years of experience serving the Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Racine Counties, you can rely on us for a practical and cost effective water management solution for your yard and home.  Our highly trained and experienced technicians use a variety of systems and specialized tools that will address your current issues and help prevent further problems such as mold or costly foundation repairs.

Considering surface runoff is the most common drainage problem, adjusting the grade is typically the primary recommended drainage solution. Ensuring a positive pitch away from the home is very important. To control this or pooling lawn areas, the creation of an efficient swale may be required. By directing the water off the property, we can prevent pooling (breeding ground for mosquitoes) and help make your yard more enjoyable.  An efficient use of a drain tile system or a catch basin (yard drain) are an excellent approach to supplement the benefits of proper grading.  A 4″ perforated drain tile back filled with limestone chips will absorb seepage (underground water) under the center of a swale or other appropriate areas.  Considering these pipes may freeze in a typical Wisconsin winter, they should be used as a secondary drainage solution.

Below you will find a few projects that we have completed that demonstrate our proven techniques and approaches.   We do projects like these every day and we can customize our approach based on a number of factors such as: access, severity of the problem and the customer’s budget.   Some projects are very large while others are simple one day solutions.