Do you have standing water in your yard or seeping into your basement?

Children's Feet Splashing in a Puddle in a Yard with Poor Drainage
Water in Wisconsin Basement Caused by Improper Yard Drainage

We solve problems like these every day.

As an Exterior Drainage Specialist with years of experience serving the Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, you can rely on us for a practical and cost effective water management solution for your yard and home.

Drainage solutions may include:

  • Precision grading to create a pitch away from your home to help protect your foundation and maintain a dry basement.
  • Building a swale in your yard to naturally collect rain water and provide a path for it to flow off your property.
  • Installing catch basins and a drain tile system beneath the surface to collect and move higher volumes of water faster.
  • For additional peace of mind, we can add buried downspout/sump pump extensions and install EPDM rubber liner next to your home to reduce the amount of surface water that can reach your foundation.

For more information on Integrity Drainage Solutions, LLC, see the About Us section below.

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About Us

We are the drainage solutions division of Integrity Landscape Services, LLC.  As a full service design and build landscape company with hundreds of satisfied customers, you can count on us to build beautiful outdoor living spaces to enjoy for many years.

While drainage may not be the most exciting topic for most companies, it is our passion because we know that it can help protect your home and it is the first step in every successful and enduring landscaping project.

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