Project Description

Shared Swale With Drain Tile and Catch Basins

In this project, two neighbors in Fox Point, WI were both experiencing drainage and landscaping problems within the shared area between their homes.  Standing water, mushy lawn areas, poor grading, mosquitos, overgrown shrubs and dangerous trees all plagued this area.  To solve these issues, the plants and trees were removed, grading took place and additional drainage aids were added.  Overall, this project took a total of just 2 days and the customers were both extremely happy with the results!

Both homes have a negative pitch towards the house and there is a flat lawn area between them where water pools.

In order to achieve a positive pitch away from both homes, all the existing landscaping, trees and shrubs have to be removed.

The removal process is almost complete and the area will soon be ready for grading.

The area is then graded properly to create an efficient swale and to create a positive pitch away from both homes.

Trenching is taking place within the swale to install a drain tile system.

The perforated drain tile is back filled with Limestone chips to help absorb additional sub-surface water within the swale.

The drain tile is finished being installed and the final grades are being checked with a laser transit to ensure the swale is pitched properly and water is flowing efficiently away from both homes.

A catch basin is added to the drain tile system to help capture additional water within the swale.

Topsoil, seed and erosion control are added to the complete the swale.

The project is complete! All that needs to be done now is for the customer to water the new lawn area and watch the grass grow in.

A few weeks later, the new lawn area has grown in nicely!

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