Project Description

Retaining Wall, Grading and New Brick Patio – Franklin, WI

The backyard of this home in Franklin, WI was struggling from severe grading and water issues for years.  Over time, the extensive amount of water had caused major water damage in the basement, the patio to settle and the large retaining wall to shift.  The only approach to solve this significant issue was to start over completely with the entire area and to engineer the water away from the home with proper grading and swales.  Then once the water is finally managed properly, a new brick patio and Keystone retaining wall were installed.

The existing patio has settled and is now pitched towards the house. Extensive staining on the patio is from years of standing water.

The grade of the lawn is too tall in relation to the home and siding.  Additionally, the lawn is actually sloped towards the home.  To change this equation, we will need to lower the grade and create a pitch away from the house.

In a desperate effort to move water away from the home, the homeowner actually hand dug a trench to temporarily move the water away.  Also, the two A/C units have settled over time and are now un-level and need to be raised, leveled and reinstalled.

The project begins by removing the existing features which includes the patio, the row of shrubs in front of the retaining wall and lastly the large retaining wall.  Grading is then taking place within the area above the wall to help control even more water from entering this already challenged area.

Both the lower and upper swale have been completed and a new stronger and properly engineered retaining wall has been installed.  In addition new planting beds have been added to help soften up the landscape.

A new larger decorative Unilock Brussels Block brick patio has been installed at the proper grade and it is pitched away from the house.

The water is being managed through the two newly created swales and creating a pitch away from the house.  The project is complete and the area is now a usable and functional outdoor living area.

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