Project Description

Grading With EPDM Liner – West Allis, WI

This West Allis house was suffering from water issues along the side of the house.  The neighbor’s driveway is pitched directly towards the house which results in a major water issue.  In addition, the rear yard is sloped directly towards the rear corner of the house.  So to correct this problem, we created a swale to channel water away from the house, installed an EPDM rubber liner to help make sure no surface water gets to the house and lastly we installed a catch basin at the rear corner of the house to capture even more water and get it out of the project area.

The swale has been created and decorative Mississippi stone mulch has been installed over the EPDM liner.  Now, water will follow the swale away from the house and towards the street.

The swale began at the rear patio to control the water run-off from the patio as well.

At the rear corner of the house, a catch basin was installed to help capture even more water and move it out of the problematic area.  In addition, the catch basin was strategically placed to help capture some of the water from the downspout as well.

Underneath the Mississippi stone is a 45 mil EPDM rubber liner.  The liner is puncture resistant, has a 30+ year life expectancy and is often used for ponds.  This makes it a great option to help prevent any surface water from entering the problematic area.

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