Project Description

Grading With Catch Basins and Pipes – Brookfield, WI

In this project, this customer located in Brookfield, WI was experiencing significant flooding in their garage in heavy rains.  Water would come off the street, rush down the driveway and into right into the garage.  The existing channel drains in the driveway were not adequate enough to handle the significant amount of water in this situation.  To solve this problem we had to remove the existing asphalt driveway, add additional catch basins, re-grade the adjacent lawn area around a tree, install additional catch basins and install a new concrete driveway that is engineered properly to handle the significant amount of water.

The existing driveway and existing channel drains were never designed to handle the amount of water that flows off the street and down the driveway.

The adjacent lawn area is being grading to manage the water away from the garage.

Trenching is taking place to install new catch basins and pumps.

Trenching is taking place to install new catch basins and pumps.

Strategically located catch basins are installed within the swale to capture additional water.

The grading has been completed and the driveway has been prepared for new concrete.

The concrete driveway is complete and the lawn has grown in

The two distinct swales created within the driveway that continue through the lawn were designed to handle significantly more water that the previous system.  Also, additional catch basins helped handle even more water in heavy rain events.  This entire project was completed in 3 days and the customer was able to keep their favorite tree adjacent to the driveway!

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