Project Description

Swale and Lawn Restoration – Wauwatosa, WI

This Wauwatosa home has been suffering from years of water issues along the side of the house.  The grade is sloped directly towards the house leading to water getting into the basement.  In order to correct this issue, we had to lower the grade and create a swale to allow water to flow out of the problem area and away from the home.  The project was completed in just one day and the water is finally flowing away from the home for the first time in years.

The lawn is sloped from the retaining wall directly towards the side of the house.

The rear corner of the house is the most problematic area that has suffered the most damage.  In addition, you can see how the grade is already up to the siding and there is no pitch away from the house.

The grade has now been corrected and there is a proper pitch away from the house.

Erosion control is added over the entire newly graded area to help reduce the chances of erosion and to help the newly seeded lawn come in quicker.

In a few short weeks, the lawn should be grown in and ready to cut.

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