Project Description

Swale and Lawn Restoration – Waukesha, WI

This Waukesha homeowner was having a drainage issue on the side of their home and water was seeping into their basement on heavy rains. To correct this, we simply pitch the grade away from the house, create a swale and direct the water towards an area where it is supposed to go. This swale project is very common and we perform this type of project everyday!

Removal of shrubs and brush is taking place so the swale can be completed as efficiently as possible. A laser transit is used throughout the project to ensure accuracy.

Excavation of the swale is taking place and the fill/earth is being hauled off the property.

The majority of the swale is carved out and once again the laser transit is used to perfect the swale.

In addition to the swale, a drain tile system in being added to handle additional water and a pipe is installed on the downspout to move even more water farther away from the house. The pipes are also checked with the transit and levels to ensure that water is flowing where we want it to go.

Fresh topsoil and seed are being added to the swale and the swale is checked one final time using a laser transit.

Seed, starter fertilizer and erosion control have been added to the swale completing the project. There is now a proper pitch away from the house and the swale will control and direct the water towards a rear lawn area. This project was completed in just 1 day and in a few short weeks with proper watering, the customer will have a fully developed lawn!

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