Project Description

Precision Grading and Drain Tile – New Berlin, WI

This project involves a new construction home that was never grading properly by the developer. The lot was never graded properly and never checked using the right tools leading to a major drainage problem.

The city catch basin was installed at the correct height, but the lawn was graded poorly.

A significant amount of earth had to be removed in order to create a proper swale towards the city catch basin.

The swale began at the street and continued all the way to the rear corner of the property.

After the majority of the earth has been hauled away, finish grading takes place to smooth out the imperfections and to blend with the adjacent lawn area.

A trench in being created in the center of the swale to install a drain tile system.

The drain is then backfilled with filter rock.

Catch basins are added to the drain tile system to capture additional water.

Fresh topsoil is spread on the swale prior to new seed being installed.

The swale is finished graded and the drain tile system is set up to discharge directly at the city catch basin.

The new lawn has grown in and it looks like no work has been done!

This 2 day project was completed to perfection!

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