Project Description

EPDM Liner and Catch Basins – Milwaukee, WI

When there is a drainage issue in tight areas, we have to get creative on how to solve the problem. In this instance, a narrow swale had to be created between a house and the neighbor’s driveway to prevent water from seeping into the customer’s basement. After the area was graded, we then installed a series of catch basins, a 45 mil EPDM rubber liner and covered it all with decorative stone. This type of project is becoming more utilized in urban city environments or in areas where the access is challenging.

The swale and catch basins began in the rear corner of the house.   A pipe is connected to the catch basin and continues along the entire side of the house.

The last of the catch basins are installed and the 45 mil EPDM rubber liner is beginning to be installed.

The EPDM liner it cut to fit the exact area.

Additional EPDM liner is installed along the whole length of the house.

To finish the project, decorative stone is spread over the liner. Now when water falls in the area, it travels through the stone, hits the liner, is then controlled by the catch basins and then piped out to a designated area. This entire project was completed in just 1 day!

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