Project Description

Dry River – Muskego, WI

The backyard of this Muskego, WI house featured a steep wooded slope that ran directly into the backside of the retaining wall.  In heavy rains, water would flow down the slope, over the retaining wall and into the house.  To correct this, we graded the area behind the retaining wall to allow water to flow around the wall instead of over.  Then, we installed a decorative dry river to tie in with the natural feel of the backyard.

The property has a steep wooded slope that runs directly towards the wall and house.  The area behind the wall would constantly collect water that would often flow over the wall.

We began by excavating and grading behind the wall to create the dry river bed.  In addition, the customer wanted to freshen up the landscaping in front and behind the retaining wall.

During the grading process, we use a laser transit to make sure that the water is flowing where we want it go.  We then set grade stakes and check the stakes throughout the process to ensure accuracy before the dry river gets installed.

The grading has been completed and the dry river has been installed.  We install landscape fabric underneath the Fieldstone boulders to help reduce the amount of growth and weeds that can come up through the joints.

We then finished out the area around the dry river with new plants and mulch to make the area blend in with the natural landscape.

The entire project has been completed and the dry river is working to channel water away from the retaining wall and house.

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