Project Description

Brick Patio and Grading – Wauwatosa, WI

The back of this Wauwatosa, WI house had a few unique challenges.  The yard has a slope from one side to another, the doors leading out of the house are at different heights, a downspout was discharging directly onto the patio and water was pooling in the lawn area next to the patio.  We were able to correct all of these problems by installing a two tier patio, putting in a 4″ PVC pipe to the downspout and then we re-graded the area next to the patio to eliminate the pooling water.

A step was added to the patio to accommodate for the grade change between the upper and lower areas.  In addition, a small retaining wall was added along the step to account for the slight grade change outside of the patio area.

A 4″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe was installed on the one downspout next to the patio to help eliminate the amount of water that travels across the patio.  The pipe then runs underneath the patio and discharges in a lower lawn area.  In addition, we installed a clean-out “T” to the pipe so the homeowner can access the pipe.

Along the patio the grade had to be lowered to accommodate for the patio runoff as well as the correct the currently pooling water in the area.  The grade was then pitched away from the patio towards a lower area.  The pooling water is now eliminated and water will naturally flow out of the area.

The project was completed in just two short days and the homeowner now has a usable problem free space to enjoy for years to come!

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