Drainage Problems in Oconomowoc WI, 53066

There is a wide variety of exterior drainage problems that affect 60% of all homeowners. The severity of these problems can significantly vary as well. Drainage problems may be seasonal or develop over time. Typically, homeowners can go for years before they even realize they have a persistent problem. These drainage issues will continue to get worse as water settles property features such as lawn areas, patios, driveways and foundations often causing a preventable damage and expense.

Eliminating standing water in your yard is important. Standing water inhibits the use of your yard and creates the perfect environment for mold, mosquitoes, and other pests.

Mold and structural foundation damage are also problems that may occur in homes with improper drainage. A negative pitch of the grade provides a direct path for water towards a home while adding harmful hydrostatic pressure and voiding home foundation warranties. During the winter months, water near a foundation wall will freeze and expand, therefore providing additional damaging pressure.

Homeowners do not need to accept these circumstances.We recommend viewing our Drainage Solutions page as the next step to correcting your drainage problem.

Main concerns
of water problems:

  • Water Damage
  • Toxic Mold
  • Ponding or Mushy Lawn Areas
  • Foundation Issues
  • Damp Walls or Basements
  • Settling Patios/Walks, etc.
Informed Decisions

Information & Drainage Solutions for Oconomowoc WI, 53066

Welcome to Integrity Drainage Solutions, LLC. We are the #1 Exterior Drainage Specialist serving the Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine and Ozaukee Counties. The Integrity Drainage Solutions team has been providing practical solutions at reasonable prices for a variety of drainage problems for many years. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use a variety of systems and specialized tools that will address your current issues and help prevent further problems such as mold or costly foundation repairs.

Considering surface runoff is the most common drainage problem, adjusting the grade is typically the primary recommended drainage solution.

Ensuring a positive pitch away from the home is very important. To control this or pooling lawn areas, the creation of an efficient swale may be required. By directing the water off the property, we can prevent pooling (breeding ground for mosquitoes) and help make your yard more enjoyable.

An efficient use of a drain tile system or a catch basin (yard drain) are an excellent approach to supplement the benefits of proper grading. A 4″ perforated drain tile backfilled with limestone chips will absorb seepage (underground water) under the center of a swale or other appropriate areas. Considering these pipes may freeze in a typical Wisconsin winter, they should be used as a secondary drainage solution.

Proven Integrity Solutions in Oconomowoc WI, 53066:

  • Precise Grading
  • Gradual & Efficient Swales
  • Properly Designed Retaining Wall
  • Drain Tile (a.k.a. French Drain)
  • Catch Basins (or Yard Drains)
  • Buried Downspout Extensions
  • EPDM Membrane
  • Erosion Control

By using a laser transit, we implement 100% accuracy during the design & implementation of an efficient drainage system. Our experienced designers and technicians will create a custom designed drainage system designed for your property’s unique characteristics. Unlike others, we do it right the first time.

Hire someone with integrity, Integrity Drainage Solutions, LLC. No more worries – let it rain!

Drainage Problems

Informed Decisions for residents in Oconomowoc WI, 53066

Unfortunately, there are many contractors that provide homeowners inaccurate information and improper advice relating to their exterior water problems. Many others are simply not experienced in the technical necessities in the designing and implementation of an efficient exterior drainage system.
We use a laser transit to ensure 100% accuracy during the diagnosis and planning for your custom drainage solution.

Unfortunately, small drainage problems continually become worse over time and drainage problems do not go away by themselves. Persistent drainage problems will help settle property features such as lawn areas, patios, driveways and foundations. Often causing a preventable damage and expense.

Most homes do not need extensive waterproofing or foundation repair that others often suggest, or some may even use a pressure sales approach to motivate a prospective customer. Although few homes do require these unfortunate measures, ensuring a positive grade away from the home is still required.

After considering Integrity Drainage Oconomowoc WI, 53066:

  • our Better Business Bureau accreditation
  • our detailed and itemized proposals
  • our extensive knowledge & experienced in drainage solutions
  • our reputation/testimonials
  • an opportunity to meet on an in-process project in your area
  • our complete restoration or landscape renovation options
  • that we are fully insured for your protection

You will feel comfortable and confident working with Integrity Drainage Solutions, LLC to assist you in your drainage needs.

Exterior Restoration

Exterior Restoration in Oconomowoc WI, 53066

When designing an efficient drainage system, we seek to minimize disturbance to existing landscape features. Usually, customers prefer to repair or restore effected or other landscaped areas in conjunction with their drainage project. Our team also excels with these types of landscape projects.

Whether you would like to repair a lawn, plant, patio or retaining wall area, you will benefit from the experience our team has to offer.

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