Drainage Problems

There is a wide variety of exterior drainage problems that affect many homeowners. The severity of these problems can significantly vary as well. Drainage problems may be seasonal or develop over time. Typically, homeowners can go for years before they even realize they have a persistent problem. These drainage issues will continue to get worse as water settles property features such as lawn areas, patios, driveways and foundations often causing a preventable damage and expense. Action must be taken to correct these problems before they continue to get worse.

Eliminating standing water in your yard is important. Standing water inhibits the use of your yard and creates the perfect environment for mold, mosquitoes, and other pests.

Mold and structural foundation damage are also problems that may occur in homes with improper drainage. A negative pitch of the grade provides a direct path for water towards a home while adding harmful hydrostatic pressure and voiding home foundation warranties. During the winter months, water near a foundation wall will freeze and expand, therefore providing additional damaging pressure.

Homeowners do not need to accept these circumstances. We recommend viewing our Drainage Solutions page as the next step to correcting your drainage problem.

Main concerns
of water problems:

  • Water Damage
  • Toxic Mold
  • Ponding or Mushy Lawn Areas
  • Foundation Issues
  • Damp Walls or Basements
  • Settling Patios/Walks, etc.
Informed Decisions